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Our Model

We engage with clients on their digital transformation journey and support you from concept and initiation all the way through to ERP implementations and ongoing improvement projects. We are passionate about unlocking the true value of your digital transformation investments.

Why Ironfield?

Ironfield applies science to digital transformation. Our team consists of experienced consultants who live and breathe data, and are passionate about business process management.

Our process mining tools and methodologies gives you visibility into how your processes are really operating by discovering bottlenecks, deviations, delays and rework. These insights allow you to prioritise, plan and unlock real business benefit quickly.

We ensure that your business is primed to adopt process intelligence practices. We provide on-site training to your businesses internal resources,  allowing you to expand your analytics capabilities once our engagement is complete.

David van den Berg is the Managing Director and Founder of IronField, a digital consulting company specialising in data-driven business transformation and process improvement.

As a senior business executive he has extensive experience across Enterprise Technology and Business Transformation.

David has previously served as the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for a significant Mining Services company, and he has broad mining services experience having initiated and led its ongoing technology-driven transformation program. This included the adoption of innovative mining IoT technology across the entire surface mining business, the first SAP S/4 public cloud implementation in mining globally, the transformation of user-based processes supported by SuccessFactors , custom software development for underground apps and the deployment of enterprise-wide analytics capability.

In addition to this primary role, he has also led industries in Supply, Logistics, Shared Services, Payroll, Facilities, Accounts Payable and Inventory. This experience has allowed him to harness a unique inside- out perspective on how Mining companies can leverage technology.

David has wide industry and vertical expertise, developed through large-scale transformation projects with customers including BHP, Telstra, CitiCorp, Cisco, British Telecom, Accenture, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Experienced Leadership

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